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Why Skiers Should be Doing Yoga

June 7, 2018

Yoga, the ancient practice of breathing, stretching and building strength, is a great way to stay in shape and keep your body healthy.  Whether you have been practicing for years, or have no experience with yoga, delving into the yoga world will bring you many health benefits for years to come, and keep you skiing longer!

One of the best aspects of yoga is that since there are so many different variations that can be taken, anyone can start.  Plus, that is why yoga is called a practice, there is always room for growth.  Each person is in a different place in their yoga journey but the added flexibility, body awareness, and clear head can benefit skiers (and everyone else) in many ways.

Here are a few reasons you should consider getting to a yoga mat:

  1. Ultimate stress reliever:  Yoga is known to relieve tension not only by stretching your body, but it also helps clear your headspace.  The deep breathing though out your practice, as well as the concentration of balance and different poses will help your mind to focus solely on your yoga.  Letting yourself relax and turn off your thoughts of the everyday is so relaxing and rewarding. Instructor taking yoga class in fitness studio
  2. Excellent way to strength train: Yoga may seem to be a very slow-moving practice, and it can be, however that does not mean you are not getting an excellent workout.  Concentrating on holding poses for long periods of time with proper form takes strength and dedication.  Plus, yoga is a full body workout.  From your abs to your glutes, all the way to your shoulders and back, yoga will work your entire body. That workout can be great when you're trying to hold an aggressive stance down the mountain, and help you recover quicker from a long day on the slopes.
  3. Yoga can ease pain and help you sleep: Studies have shown that yoga stretching, and breathing has helped people ease their neck, back, and other joint pain.  Furthermore, yoga has been proven to help with insomnia.  The relaxing practice of yoga helps not only during your time on the mat, but also helps your time off as well.  With practicing deep cleansing breaths and calming your body, you will be able to benefit in many other aspects of your life as well. Many people don't sleep as well while adjusting to altitude, so anything you can do to counteract that will improve your vacation.
  4. Great for cross training: Yoga is a great way to keep your body feeling more flexible and stronger which can really help you if you engage in other physical activities.  Yoga practice is a great activity to add to your current workout routine. Group of people doing yoga and stretching
  5. Improves flexibility and mobility: This is probably the most obvious reason to do yoga, but also incredibly beneficial.  Most people as they get older lose their flexibility and their ability to balance well.  Yoga practice often laser focuses on balancing each side of the body to improve the overall health of a person.  Flexibility can be very important for staying active as well as avoiding injury. Skiing requires your muscles involved in balance to do a ton of work, so make sure you're ready for the slopes this year!

Yoga is a great way to stay active and keep your joints, mind, and body more in harmony.  If you have the desire to give yoga a try, there are yoga studios throughout Sun Valley to start your practice.  There is the Gather Yoga studio located on North Leadville Avenue.  There is also The Yoga Center Sun Valley located 221 Northwood way where they specialize in hot style yoga which is a great way to warm back up after a cold day on the mountain!

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