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Unique Winter Activities in Sun Valley

January 15, 2020

If you know Sun Valley, you know the skiing is phenomenal. It is what brings thousands of people to our little mountain town every winter from Christmas on. But even if you love skiing, you will want something to mix up the fun. So, here it is, a local’s inside perspective to unique winter activities in Sun Valley.

Fat Bike Tour
Fat bikes have become more popular in the winters in Sun Valley as a unique way to get around and see the outskirts of town. They are literally bikes with fat tires made for trudging through the snow and mud. You can rent and ride at the Sun Valley Nordic and Snowshoe Center (link below).

Ice Climbing
Maybe you have climbed mountains or boulders or trees, but have you ever thought of climbing a frozen waterfall?! Ice climbing is one of the most unique experiences you can have in the Mountains. The beautiful, awe-inspiring waterfalls hiked to in the summer season become massive walls of sparkling ice. Use crampons and ice axes to pick your way to the top with a local guide service, Sawtooth Mountain Guides (link below). Meant for all ability levels, ice climbing is a one of a kind adventure sure to get you out of your comfort zone.

Scenic winter rides done right. Snowmobiles are a fun way to move around the mountains and access the surrounding Sun Valley’s abundant backcountry. Try a half and full day excursions away from the hustle and bustle of the resort. You can rent one fo these powerful and fun machines from Sawtooth Traxx (link below).


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