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Sun Valley Music Festival

July 24, 2020

The Sun Valley Music Festival is back this weekend but due to the ongoing Covid situation will only be available entirely online. Music Director Alasdair Neale, will be bringing you 14 new performances that will be filmed in homes and stages across 43 cities. While you will not be able to view them in person, much planning has been put into place to turn these shows not just into a musical performance but into a cinematic experience as well.

How to Attend

This year, patrons will have two options to view the concerts. The first being online from anywhere you want! All concerts will be broadcasted live on svmusicfestival.org beginning at 6:30 pm MT. All you will need is a device with streaming capabilities and an internet connection. Take this opportunity to social distance and maybe enjoy the shows from the comfort of your own home or backyard.

The second option will be on the Pavillon Lawn. The festival has rented additional speakers and a second large screen where the concerts will be streamed. Reservations are required to secure a spot on the lawn and only 1000 patrons will be able to attend each night. Head over to https://www.svmusicfestival.org/lawn-seating/ for information on how to reserve a spot. Reservations will open up each day at 10:00 am MT for the show that night.


Free! Thats right! All shows will be free to view this year.


While most events this year do not feel like they always have, there is still the opportunity to enjoy the music. Each concert will have that familiar mix of opera and classical music, with some familiar faces returning and a few new ones. With now over 100 sound and video professionals working on each concert, you will not want to miss them this year. Keep in mind, all performances will not be available for download and will only be streamed once live.


Stay safe this summer and enjoy the music!

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