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Sun Valley Ice Skating Stars

July 10, 2019

Most think of Sun Valley as a popular winter destination for skiing and winter sports.  While it is one of the most beautiful and legendary ski mountains in all of North America, what others may also learn to discover is that Sun Valley has some of the best professional ice skating performances in the summer months!

This summer, there are weekly professional skating sessions that take place.  Check out the behind the scenes action at the Pro Sessions, Monday through Friday at 12:30 p.m. at the Sun Valley Ice Rink.  There are also ice shows highlighting new stars and athletic routines.  Starting early July and running through Labor Day, check out the Saturday night ice shows featuring some of the world’s best skaters.  Gold medalists like Ashley Cain and Timothy Le Duc will have you in awe as they show you their precision, power and grace.  Below is the Sun Valley On Ice schedule:

-July 4th
Alysa Liu and Ryan Bradley

-July 20, Madison Hubbel and Zach Donohue
2019 United States Gold Medalists and World Silver Medalists

-July 27th, Jason Brown
2019 United States Bronze Medalist, Olympic Bronze Medalist and United States Gold Medalist

-August 3rd, Ashley Wagner
Olympic Bronze Medalist, World Silver Medalist and 3X United States Gold Medalist

-August 10th, Nathan Chen,
2019 World Gold Medalist, 2019 United State Gold Medalist and Olympic Bronze Medalist

-August 24th, Jeremy Abbott
4X United States Gold Medalist

-August 31st, Ashley Cain & Timothy LeDuc
2019 United States Gold Medalists

Be sure to put these dates on your calendar to see an incredible night of skating!  You can enjoy the show from rink-side seating where you are so close you can hear the blades on ice.  Or, dine in the decadent buffet from the terrace at the Sun Valley Lodge.  Savor food, wine and enjoy the performances from the top skaters.


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