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Summer Bucket List in Sun Valley

May 11, 2019

I just started making my summer bucket list.  During the Process I realized when one season ends, the next season is like a sunrise coming up over the horizon welcoming a new beginning.  We get one chance to make the most out of this glorious season, just as if we get one chance to make the most out of the day ahead. 

I started to dream about maybe getting my family to the Oregon coast, or up to Montana.  Then my mind recalled some of my favorite weekend adventures that truly take place in my own Idaho backyard playground.  From all of the beautiful camp spots in the mountains, to flyfishing the local streams, arts and cultural events, to awing over the beautiful sunrises.  Local Idaho adventures started to fill my summer weekend calendar.  While I don't dare share my favorite pristine camping spot (that even close friends beg to uncover), I love to share my favorite Idaho adventures with friends, families and visitors like you.  Below are my top 4 summer activities in and around Sun Valley.

1.  Hiking
In Sun Valley and the surrounding areas, there are an endless variety of hikes from backdoor jaunts to multi-day backpacking treks.  The Smoky, Boulder and Pioneer mountains surround the Wood River Valley, all within an hour or so drive with lots of trail options.  Views will have you in awe.  Bring a camera and keep an eye out for all types of wildlife.  Just remember not to get close to wildlife – we are in their territory and need to respect their habitat.  Be sure to check out the Sun Valley Visitor Center or Ketchum Ranger District for a list of open trails.

2.  Fly Fishing
One word to describe Idaho rivers, Idaho streams, and Idaho trout is legendary.  If you have not experienced flyfishing in Idaho, this must be added to your summer bucket list.  Flyfish right in town as you catch some beautiful brown trout.  Silver Creek is known to have some massive browns and they totally disregard your presence.  Call or stop in the fishing shops to get the best hatch report and public or private river options.

3.  Art
Check out Sun Valley during Wagon Days and cultural events.  Sun Valley boasts a variety of art displays, music and world renown ice shows.  For a small mountain town, Sun Valley really embraces the art and culture attracting many reputable artists, skaters, theater, and symphony.  Enjoy a glass of wine during the many shows and festivals and indulge in the mountain artistic culture.

4.  Bike
Have you heard what Sun Valley is called by the bike crowds?  Three words – ‘Two Wheeled Nirvana.’  There are over 400 miles of singletrack trails right in and around Sun Valley!  You can have your mountain bike fix for days exploring the miles of trails.  My favorites include mellow riding at the White Clouds Trail and then heading off into the hills.  For the more experienced riders, take a shuttle to adventure the entire day while making your way back to town on Fox Peak. 

Check back throughout the summer months to hear more of my favorite Sun Valley bucket list items and be sure to add a visit to this beautiful Idaho town.


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