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Our Favorite Groomed Runs for When OpenSnow Calls for Bluebird Days

January 29, 2021

Corduroy shredding, groomer bombing, railroad tracks... whatever you want to call it, the recent stretch of sunny weather has been perfect for carving arcing turns on-piste. With more sunny days to come, we've partnered with OpenSnow so we always know the right equipment to bring to make the most of whatever sort of day it is on the mountain. While the fleeting beauty of a powder day is always something worth celebrating, we've rounded up a few of our favorite "old-reliable" runs that make every day at Sun Valley feel special.

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noun_square_1911421Warm Springs

If you're looking for a thrill, check out the vertical drops and steep pitches of Warm Springs! Dropping from the top of Baldy, Warm Springs is a rare blue signature run, known for its girth and plunges as well as for being a great place to take lessons. Here, beginners and intermediate skiers can practice turns and experience 3000 feet of unreal vertical. 

green-circleGretchen's Gold 

Named for Gretchen Fraser, the first American to win olympic gold for skiing, this green run off of Seattle Ridge is groomed daily and provides a good rush for fast skiers. Seattle Ridge is known for short groomers that, on other mountains, would be steep enough to be marked blue, and Gretchen's Gold is no exception.

noun_Diamond_1772478 Limelight to Upper Greyhawk

A local favorite, this black run is steep and frequently groomed. Take Limelight to the last catwalk and then cutover to Upper Greyhawk and continue down to the bottom to experience 3142 feet of adrenaline-boosting vertical.

What are your favorite runs when the sun has been shining a few days in a row? Did we miss any favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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