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A Perfect Day Hiking around Sun Valley

June 6, 2018

Spending any amount of time in Sun Valley you will surely get the itch to get a better look at the mountains and all the scenic views of the area. Thankfully, people for generations have had the same desire to go exploring and there are several hiking trails throughout the area, information areas to get you started, and amazing hot springs to wind your day down.

Before you decide to go on a hiking trip, make sure to plan your trip before you head out. Pack the essentials: water, food, extra layers, sunscreen, map, compass, and a first aid kit. Having these items with you could really save you or someone you are with. Plus, having those extra layers with you on the trip might really come in handy, especially at the summit of many hikes. Many people will start a hike in the gorgeous warm mountain air and end at the top where it could be a very drastic drop in temperature and there could be rain as well. Once you have the essentials packed, and a good pair of hiking shoes on your feet, you are ready for your adventure.

A great place to stop by before heading out on the trails in the area is the Environmental Resource Center. Here they have hands-on education for youth, community members, and visitors to learn how to keep the area beautiful and how to make the area pristine for generations to come. There are a variety of programs like their connecting people to nature program. This program gives people the opportunity to go bird watching and learn about the surrounding area. Stopping here is a great way to learn about what Sun Valley has to offer.

Many people love all the different hikes Sun Valley has to offer. There are easy day hikes ranging from just a couple of miles like the Proctor Hike. Only about 3.5 miles round trip, this leisurely hike is great to get views of Bald Mountain and Sun Valley. Another great hike is the hike to Titus Lake. About 3.3 miles long, this hike is great on a hot summer's day. It's possible to swim in the lake, but do know that this lake is very cold.

Sun Valley 4 - Sawtooth National Forest
After a long day out hiking, one of the best ways to wind down is by soaking in natural hot springs. Frenchman’s Bend is known for its’ shallow natural hot springs that are great for relaxing in. Many people love spending time in the natural hot springs hot only to relax, but to also reap the benefits of the healing powers that the natural hot waters have. Another great place to go for a soak is the Easley Hot Springs. The waters here are natural, but the pools are man-made. All the water is mineral rich and chlorine free. Come here to soak and enjoy the mountain views of Boulder Mountain.

Sun Valley is home to many great hiking trails. There are many places to enjoy great views of the mountains to bird-watch, take in the view, and see tons of wildflowers. Take it all in here and enjoy the special time you have in this magical place.

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