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24th Annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival

June 10, 2021

With all of the skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, and more that takes place in Sun Valley, it is easy to label it as an active city. It makes sense that Sun Valley is home to the longest running wellness festival in the world! This June, make your way to Sun Valley for the 24th annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival


Photo from https://www.sunvalleywellness.org 

The Sun Valley Wellness Festival has been at the head of the wellness movement since before it was cool! They've routinely offered a range of wellness programs based around its "four pillars of focus"- mind, body, spirit, and focus- to the public. The 24th iteration of the festival will feature 30 presentations and workshops led by field experts as well as a new outdoor experience park. The experience park will be full of healthy dining options, vendors, music, and classes. 


One of my favorite things about the festival is that they will offer guided outdoor wellness adventures. Attendees will be able to participate in mindful mountain biking, holistic hiking, forest foraging, mountaintop yoga and meditation, and fireside chats.

The Sun Valley Wellness Festival will take place June 25-28 in Ketchum, Idaho. In-person and virtual passes can be purchased at the official event website: https://www.sunvalleywellness.org.

A complete schedule of events is available here: https://www.sunvalleywellness.org/schedule 

There is so much to experience at the wellness festival! Book your pass today!

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